RS Aerotech, Ltd.
P.O. Box CR-56766
Nassau, Bahamas
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RS Aerotech, Ltd.

We supply the aviation industry with cockpit instrumentation and data monitoring systems for enhanced pilot's workload reduction during flight. The systems provided by RS Aerotech are based on the most advanced technology and offer unprecedented situational awareness. Highest production quality and extensive testing ensures that our systems offer maintenance-free operation over the entire lifetime of the aircraft.

Rotax® Aero Engines

RS Aerotech has focussed on supporting the Rotax® 912 line of aero engines with advanced engine management units, data monitoring and recording tools and cockpit displays. Special emphasis lies on the CANaerospace digital data bus interface for the new Rotax® engines with Electronic Control Units.


Rotax® is the registered trademark of BRP-Powertrain GmbH & Co KG.

Flight Data Acquisition and Recording

By adding additional sensors, the systems provided by RS Aerotech can be expanded to provide Flight Data Acquisition and Recording of the entire flight state. Together with RS Aerotech's state-of-the-art post processing tools, all required data for initial flight test programs of homebuilt aircraft can be gathered and processed.